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rac breakdown contact numberThe RAC Contact Number & the RAC company, is one of UK’s leading organisation related to motoring, was established in 1897, and has served more than 8 million customers till date. The company offers breakdown cover, car insurance, and a host of other value added services, serving motorists, whether individuals, or corporate, private or public.

The company received royal approval from King Edward VII in 1907. The company has passed through several ownership in the course of its history. The last major acquisition was in 2011, when it was acquired by Carlyle Group, from its previous owners, Aviva plc. In 2014, GIC, or Singapore's sovereign wealth fund, acquired a stake in the company. RAC Breakdown has it's headquartered in Birmingham, with staff strength of above 4000. The RAC contact number, for sales enquiries & Breakdowns, is 0843 455 0091.

The RAC company has many firsts to its credit, including introducing uniformed patrols in 1901, and roadside emergency telephone boxes in 1912. In 1987, the company introduced advanced computer aided rescue system, which is now the world’s most advanced computer system dealing with roadside assistance. The company designed, and launched, a retractable rapid deployment trailer in 2001, for its patrols.

In 2014, the company launched mobile tyre fitting service, equipping its fleet of patrol cars with universal spare wheels. The RAC Report on Motoring, first published in 1988, is today the leading platform for Britain's motorists, drawing in contributions from 1000+ drivers across the country, and analysing key issues, such as road safety, motoring costs, and taxation. Use the RAC contact number given at the time of subscription, to make rescue calls.

RAC’s breakdown cover is a personal based roadside vehicle repair and recovery service, with plans starting at just £20. There are three plans on offer, including limited roadside recovery after a breakdown, unlimited service, and premier services, each with varying levels of assistance. Regardless of the package, the scheme offers access a fleet of 1500+ patrols that rescues vehicles caught up in any trouble, ranging from a flat tyre to filling up the wrong fuel, or from accidents to parts failure.

Each standard RAC recovery van comes with over 500+ tool and parts, and RAC Scan+, a state of the art diagnostic tool that makes it easy to diagnose faults on the spot, and repair vehicles, without having to tow it away, to a garage. In 2014, RAC Breakdown has conducted more than 2.3 million rescue breakdowns, with a success ratio of repairing four out of every five vehicles at the roadside.

RAC Breakdown offers a comprehensive range of services relating to motoring. Apart from RAC’s core business of vehicle rescue and recovery service covers, it is also strong in selling various types of vehicle insurance. The company also offers other value added services, such as a platform to sell and buy used cars, vehicle inspections and check, legal services, latest information on traffic and travel related matters, and more. Use the RAC contact number to get comprehensive information about the full range of services on offer, and subscribe to the same.

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General Address:
RAC Motoring Services.

RAC House, Brockhurst Crescent.
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Tel: 0843 455 0091.

Email: membershipcustomercare@rac.co.uk

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Breakdown Customer Care.
RAC Motoring Services.
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Tel: 0843 455 0091.

Email: breakdowncustomercare@rac.co.uk

RAC Breakdown number 0843 455 0091.