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All About Morrisons.

Morrisons is a supermarket serving customers all over the UK with over 500 stores nationwide. They offer an online delivery service and is the place to go for all food, grocery and household items. They deem themselves on their customer service and are proud to sell the freshest products around.

They choose and manufacture only the freshest food and have over 100,000 skilled workers preparing food in store making sure that the food you eat is fresh, filling and quality controlled.

Morrisons offers low, competitive prices and their slogan is based on the fact that they want to help their customers save as much money as possible when doing grocery shopping.

A Brief History of Morrisons.

In 1899 William Morrison began the notorious business by selling eggs and butter on a market stall. It was here the inspiration came and where later on the known company retail store Morrisons would be founded.

In 1958 after moving from market stalls and small shops the first town centre shop is opened in Bradford. It was then known to be the only shop with self service and prices labelled on their products. It started with three checkouts and became famously popular.

In 1961 the first supermarket named 'Victoria' is open for customers. Again situated in Bradford the building was once a former cinema but was transformed into the first supermarket selling fresh meat, produce and groceries at low-beat prices. It was also the first supermarket where there was free parking available for customers.

In 1967 Morrisons becomes a public company and plans to expand for further growth. At this time more than 80,000 investors wanted to buy shares in the up and coming company.

Rapidly rising to success in 1971 the Morrisons head office was opened in Bradford along with a warehouse and and factory complex. In 1978 they consequently took over the Whelan stores and begins operating in Lancashire. Soon after in 1980 begins the fresh food production where the fresh food factory begins operating wholly for Morrisons alone. To enquire about any of our products call the Morrisons contact number and ask the customer service adviser

In 1998 the company begins to spread across the nation and opens a store in the South of England. Not long after in 2000 the first store opens in Wales and in 2004 they expand to Scotland.

Consequently in 2004 Safeway becomes a part of the Morrisons family. In 2005 the conversions of the supermarkets are complete opening up more than 11,000 jobs. In 2011 they became noted for their fresh flower service and in 2012 became famous for their meat processing site in Cheshire. In 2014 they began their lower prices beating supermarkets prices around the nation. They made a promise to match other prices such as Asda's and Tesco's and extended their opening hours giving customers a flexible shopping experience and an economical one too.

Today, Morrisons is one of the most loved supermarkets in the UK and plans to go international are currently in proceeds making it possible one day for it to be one of the most loved supermarkets across the world. From a market stall to a small store to now one of the biggest supermarket chains around, Morrisons is simply the best! If you have any questions call the Morrisons contact number on 0843 455 0107 or ask one of our freidly staff instore.

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Morrison Supermarkets PLC.

Contact number for the customer service department at
Morrisons supermarkets
Hilmore House, Gain Lane,
Bradford, Yorkshire & Humber,
BD3 7DL.
Phone: 0843 455 0107.

Morrisons Contact Details

Morrisons Contact Number Opening Hours
Supermarket Stores 0843 455 0107 7:00am - 10:00pm, Mon to Sat.
    7:00am - 4:00pm, Sunday.
Head Office Number 0843 455 0107 8:30am - 5:30pm, Mon to Fri.
Customer Service Department 0843 455 0107 8:30am - 5:30pm, Mon to Fri.
Complaints Department 0843 455 0107 8:30am - 5:30pm, Mon to Fri.

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